Our Management

Daniel Gimpel


Daniel co-founded MADA Analytics, and has over 10 years immersed in the field of energy storage, liquid air, software simulation, and project engineering, applied to both in of renewable energy and fossil fuel power plants. After years of working in venture capital and hi-tech, Daniel started his career in energy storage when he partnered with Arnold Goldman, founder of Bright Source, and spent years developing new IP and applications for long duration energy storage. Their joint work experience proved that utilizing liquid air engineering with novel integration and equipment, can enable the application of integrated liquid air energy storage in an array of broad projects, both for renewable energy generation and fossil fuel power plants.


Chief Engineer
Thermal & Storage

Professor Sinatov has conducted more than 30 years of development in advanced power production techniques. His field of research include power cogeneration and trigeneration technologies based on use of gas and diesel engines, liquid air energy storage (LAES), LNG, gas and steam turbines, renewable and alternative energy sources. His expert consultation has been provided to utilities, independent power producers, ESCO companies, governmental, public and international (European Commissions) organizations.  Stanislav has a Ph.D. and Doctor of Sciences degrees with 12 externally-funded and seven self-financed research projects and host multiple patents in the U.S., Russia and Israel.

Eric Selmon

COO, Head of Financial Power Markets & Co-Founder

Eric has invested his entire 20-year career developing expertise as an investor, strategic consultant and financial advisor to companies in the utility, power and energy industries in the United States and abroad. Eric previously served as a senior research analyst and member of the portfolio management team for Longbow Capital Partners, a utility and energy infrastructure focused hedge fund managing more than $1B in assets at its peak. He was also an advisor to American Clean Energy, a solar energy developer, where he assisted in raising capital for the company, creating project finance models and developing PPAs. Earlier in his career, Eric served as a research analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. and Lehman Brothers, where he focused on the energy sector.


Data Scientist
Optimization & Algorithms

Mahir has close to a decade of experience in operations research especially in optimization models in power generation. His algorithm design and implemention includes linear and nonlinear programming, Convex models, and discrete (Integer) programming.

He has extensive experience in implementing Metaheuristic optimization algorithms, game theory, stochastic optimization and Monte Carlo simulation. Simon holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Arie Addi

Tech Lead

Arie has an extensive career in technology and software development spanning over 20 years. He has taken on multiple technical roles in software development and support of Tier 1 customers including Intel, Cisco and AT&T.  At Intel/Mobileye he was focused on integrating “Deep Learning” features for autonomous driving into an automated regression testing validation system. He holds a B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering from Temple University. As a Principal Engineer at AT&T Labs, he pursued a Masters at Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science with a specialization in Machine Learning. 

Leon Afremov

Head of Power Process Engineering
Mr. Afremov is a globally recognized expert in power generation. For the past 30 years, he has held senior engineering and management positions with Luz (solar power plants), Ormat (geothermal power plants), and other engineering and start-up companies. In 2000 he founded Lademco Ltd., a consulting and project development company that serves major Israeli companies and enterprises in the power field as well as banks and other project financing institutions. Lademco also provides consultancy and engineering services to enterprises across the globe, including in the US, Western Africa, Northern Africa, and CIS countries. He holds a B.Sc in Energy/Mechanical Engineering from the Technion in Haifa, Israel.

Advisory Board

Josh Schaff

New York, Project Finance

Yossi Sirote

Tel Aviv, Re-Insurance

Daniel Shprungin, MD

Tel Aviv, Tech IPOs