What are your personal goals for interning this summer with Mada Analytics?

Would you prefer to have an emphasis on research or hands-on work during this intern? Any topic in particular?

What technical skills, if any, would you like to learn or improve on during this intern? (keep to three or less)

Ideally, what percentage of time would you like to work in a group/team effort vs independently? Is working in pairs more appealing than individually?

Will you have a reliable laptop to work on with Microsoft Teams and Excel? Do you foresee an issue finding a quiet workplace when working remotely?

What group field trips, if any, interest you for a relaxed work activity? Visiting a hi-tech park? Rural/farmland workplace? Green Project? Academic project? Zionistic Project? ...

What line of direct communication, if any, are you open to? WhatsApp / Signal / Slack / Google Chat/Space? Do you have a preference? Are you open to this communication before your internship begins?