MADA's Integrated LAES

The transition to a clean energy system will take time and will rely on natural gas to provide reliable, dispatchable power for many years to come. MADA has developed and patented applications for liquid air energy storage (LAES) that improve the efficiency and enhance the operations of natural gas power plants and the LNG production and regasification that supplies many of them. MADA is partnering with power plant and LNG plant owners and the firms that construct them to integrate its LAES technologies and make sure that transition to a net zero future is as clean and profitable as possible.


MADA is developing a new form of clean dispatchable capacity called “Green Capacity” using long duration liquid air energy storage (LAES) with clean generation capability. MADA will design and construct Green Capacity systems which utilize the same equipment to burn clean fuels and provide power even when renewable generation is not available and the storage is depleted. Combined with wind and/or solar, Green Capacity provides the reliability of a CCGT with up to 100% lower emissions.

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